The Unlimited Learning Space is a place where we remove some of the limits to learning. Students are encouraged to develop a more independent approach to gaining knowledge and creating solutions as they manage their time and resources through a learning contract. Tasks and activities in the ULS have been planned to promote critical thinking and a deeper level of understanding. This term we are focussing on Blooms Taxonomy of thinking, De Bono's 6 thinking hats and Thinkers Keys in relation to the topic they are engaged in and with 2 teachers in the space, students are being well supported through this process. We hope you enjoy checking out what is happening in the ULS, we welcome your comments - Tracey Pacheco (ULS Teacher).

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Technology and Literacy

Always a challenge and in the ULS we are trying to use iPad Apps to showcase student's learning and engage them process of presenting their understanding of a concept. This term we have used Fotobabble (great for oral language) , Pic Collage (visual language) and Popplet (cause and effect). Here are some examples.
Popplet for Concept : Human footprint Cause and Effect

Pic collage for Concept : What makes a successful Orchard?

Fotobabble for Concept : A case study on the human impact on Mt Everest

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